Online Blackjack Deluxe at Ruby Fortune Casino

Experience one of the greatest thrills the casino world has to offer! Do your best to beat the online Blackjack dealer at Ruby Fortune!

One of the most popular casino games of all time, it is a perfect balance of chance and skill. Putting you on a very near even-footing with the house, it leaves plenty of room for strategic decisions that could result in mouth-watering NZ$ payouts. Available in luxurious editions based on European, American, and other regional rules, our online blackjack powered by Microgaming will satisfy you each and every time.

Online Blackjack’s Many Facets

Roulette, Baccarat, pokies, and even Video Poker, mobile casino, and live dealer games have all undergone changes over time. In many cases, the various alterations made to such games led to the creation of regional variations. Blackjack is no exception.

Most of the exceptionally good titles available at Ruby Fortune’s New Zealand online casino use either European or American rules, offering you wildly different gameplay. Other less well-known blackjack variations include Spanish rules, which remove all 10s and Jokers from the shoe.

How To Play Online Blackjack

In European Blackjack online, the dealer starts with 1 card, face-up. A second card is dealt before the final scores are determined. In American rules-based titles, the dealer gets 2 cards at the start, 1 of which is face-down. However, depending on the exact rules of the game you have chosen, the face-down card could be checked straight after the deal.

Whichever way you prefer, the action is hot, the suspense is heavy, and the potential wins are utterly tantalizing. Do not just read about it. Feel the rush when you play European Blackjack Gold, Atlantic City Multi-Hand, Vegas Downtown, as well as more new games at our casino online.

Be Part of the Action – Play 21

Before playing online blackjack, which is also known in many places as 21, it is good to familiarise yourself with the various moves you could make. Knowing what they entail is an essential part of using online Blackjack strategy correctly.

‘Hitting’ will get you another card, whereas ‘doubling’ will double your opening bet and get you an additional card. ‘Splitting’ 2 alike cards turns 1 hand into 2, to which new cards will be added. ‘Standing’ will play the cards you have in hand.

The cards are dealt as soon as you place your opening bet and click play. When you have your cards, you need to choose your move carefully. Your goal is to reach 21 points, or at least to have a hand total as close to that many points as possible. Your hand’s score may not exceed 21, and it needs to beat the dealer’s hand to win real money. The dealer’s full hand will be revealed as soon as you make your move.

Blackjack When You Feel Like It

Ruby Fortune’s mobile casino gives you the freedom to play Blackjack online whenever it takes your fancy. Optimised for Android, iOS, and all other devices, it offers smooth gaming, captivating excitement, and real chances to win NZ$ payouts and jackpots.

What’s more, you can also play casino games such as online pokies, Roulette, Video Poker, and Baccarat. You can use encrypted banking to make secure deposits and withdrawals when you need to. You can also claim bonuses, contact customer support if any issues or queries come up, and even earn player loyalty points you can convert into online casino credits for more real-money gaming.

Find out why Kiwi players love playing online blackjack. Engage in a battle with the dealer for your chances to win big.

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