Enjoy Blackjack Like Never Before With ReDeal Blackjack

Rather like other classic casino games that have been given an original twist — such as AbraCatDabra, for example - ReDeal Blackjack takes a standard game that is known and loved all over the world and does something new with it. This is, therefore, very much the version of online blackjack that will appeal to players who want something fresh while still being able to enjoy traditional aspects of the game.

Of course, there are many different versions of blackjack players can opt for, but the ability to redeal cards that players have received in their hands is what makes this version of blackjack so different. In addition to the game's regal colour scheme and the crisp graphics that look superb on nearly all devices - both handheld ones and larger monitor screens - the game's developers have thought carefully about the way players play blackjack online with plenty of useful gaming features.

Could ReDeal Blackjack turn the game of blackjack on its head as Switch Studios — the people behind this title — suggest? Read on to find out more about why it might.

Gameplay in ReDeal Blackjack

To begin with, ReDeal Blackjack plays much like any other version of blackjack or pontoon that players might come across. The game still involves trying to get a higher score than the dealer without going over 21. Players still need to decide whether to 'hit' — or take another card — or to 'stand' and leave their hand as it is. Players go first, followed by the dealer, who must only match the player's score to win. So far, so conventional, right? However, ReDeal Blackjack has a further set of decision-making challenges for the player, too.

To be clear, players can choose to redeal the last card they were dealt or can even redeal an entire hand if they think it is bad enough to warrant doing so. Even more refreshing is the concept of being able to redeal the dealer's hand. Of course, doing so will not necessarily make it easier to beat the dealer's hand and win, but it adds another layer of strategic thought to a game that many players might have thought could not be improved. Please note that ReDeal Blackjack is played with a conventional two-deck pack of cards and that there is no dealer peek as is found in some versions of online blackjack.

What Makes ReDeal Blackjack So Original?

As outlined above, the ability to redeal cards in ReDeal Blackjack is what is so inventive about this version of the card game. Unlike virtually any other version of blackjack available today, ReDeal Blackjack allows players to redeal up to five times in any given game. It is entirely up to players whether they use this feature, however. If they think they've got a strong hand and the dealer has a weak one, these redeal options do not need to be taken. They can redeal their last card, redeal their entire hand or choose to have the dealer's hand redealt. Note that if a player has bust with their hand — in other words, gone over 21 — they cannot request to redeal the dealer's hand since they have already lost.

Redeal come with an attendant cost, which is where the strategy element comes in. However, some redeal options are offered by the game at zero cost. Please also note that there is a caution prompt that kicks in if a player chooses to take a risky option. They can still do so, but the prompt helps them to avoid making mistakes. This kicks in if a player were to choose to stand with a hand that scores ten or below. It also operates when a decision to hit with a score of 17 or above is taken.

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