Dealers Club Roulette

Are you ready for a whole new spin on online roulette? That’s precisely what you get with Dealers Club Roulette here at Ruby Fortune. Produced exclusively for Microgaming by Real Dealer Studios, this fresh take on European Roulette gives you more ways to enjoy the ultimate casino table game than ever before. Enjoy all the benefits of playing at a private table with a real dealer without the drawbacks of a live casino. Racetrack bets make it easy for anyone to place even the most complicated wagers, while a rotating cast of eight different dealers keeps changing things up for your further entertainment. Dealers Club Roulette really is the real deal! Let’s walk through how it works.

The Concept Of Real Dealer Roulette

Real Dealer Roulette is a low volatility RNG (random number generated) game that uses cutting-edge cinema production technology to create the effect of playing one of the all-time classic casino games: European Roulette. That’s the original variant, which has a roulette wheel with pockets numbered 1-36 and one zero pocket. You get to play with eight rotating male and female dealers, each with a distinctly different personality and dealing style. If the way the dealers spin the roulette wheel and little ball seems uncannily realistic, that’s because they’re video projections distilled from pre-recording footage of actors taking bets and spinning real roulette wheels. Special camera effects get you close to the action, for maximum suspense with every spin! Dealers Club Roulette was designed with mobile casino gaming in mind, so you have an absorbing game of online roulette on your smart phone or tablet, any place, any time.

How To Play Online Roulette

Playing online roulette isn’t all that different from playing online pokies. You select your betting level, place your bet, and hit “spin”. That’s where comparisons end, though. Betting decisions in roulette are more complex because there are so many different bets to choose from. Betting levels are also different. The minimum bet in Dealers Club Roulette is a uniform 0.25, but the maximum bet depends on what kind of bet you want to place. Basically, the higher the risk, the lower the maximum bet you can make. You can bet as much as 1,000 on even-money bets such as “red or black”, “odd or even” and “high or low”. This goes down progressively for column bets, dozen bets, line bets, square bets, street bets, split bets, and straight-up bets, which have a max bet of 125 and pay out 35:1. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry – you can play Dealers Club Roulette in demo mode at no cost until you’ve got it all figured out.

Special Features

In addition to the stunningly realistic interactive visuals, Dealers Club Roulette has several special features to bring the experience to life. One of them is the ability to switch to the dealer of your choice at any time. This puts you in control of who’s behind the table! As for betting, more advanced players will appreciate the Racetrack Bets function. It’s an extra betting board you can use to place the famous complicated French bets known as Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre and Orphelins. There’s also a Special Bets feature which lets you choose from nine pre-set bet configurations. Then, for streamlined play, the Autoplay feature allows you to pre-select 25, 50 or 100 rounds of automatic rebets. Slick, smooth and stylish, Dealers Club Roulette is casino gaming at the cutting edge.

Microgaming And Real Dealer Studios

Dealers Club Roulette is the product of an exclusive partnership between Microgaming and Real Dealer Studios. Microgaming has been at the forefront of the gaming industry for over 25 years, with an enviable reputation for innovative, quality products. They developed the first real software for online casino games in 1994, and they followed up with the first mobile casino software. Today, Microgaming works with a growing network of partners such as Real Dealer Studios. For their part, this team of out-of-the-box creative developers has turned online table gaming on its head, with their Hollywood quality table games and live shows. Apart from Dealers Club Roulette, there’s Reel Auto Roulette, Turbo Auto Roulette and Real Baccarat. Explore them all at Ruby Fortune Online Casino New Zealand!

Play Them All At Ruby Fortune Casino

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